Airman & Family Readiness Center

The A&FRC is dedicated to providing individuals, families, leadership, and retirees with services that strengthen the military community and promote self-sufficiency, mission readiness, military retention, and adaptation to the Air Force way of life.

The Casualty Assistance Representative (CAR) provides prompt and accurate casualty reporting, dignified and humane casualty notifications, and ensures efficient, thorough and compassionate follow-on assistance to the next-of-kin for as long as is needed.

EFMP family support assists families with special needs by helping them identify and access programs and services. EFMP family support includes, but is not limited to: information and referral for military and community services, non-clinical case management, the assessment of family needs, the development of an individualized Services Plan (SP), local school and Early Intervention Services (EIS) information, and warm handoffs when a family transfers to a new location.

Contact Info

Erich Lofton – (940) 676-5512

709 9th Ave • Bldg 960


Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 5pm

Contact Us:

Michelle Schroeder, Chief Airman & Family Readiness Flight
(940) 676-5117 /
Gary Shorts, Community Readiness Consultant – Relocation Assistance Program
(940) 676-3291 /
Mike Brown, Community Readiness Consultant – Air Force Aid Society/Personal Financial Readiness
(940) 676-2913 /
Donnie Leornas, Community Readiness Consultant – Transition Assistance Program
(940) 676-5113 /
Karen Previe, Community Readiness Specialist – Installation Voting Assistance Officer
(940) 676-5101 /
Amy McGee, Community Readiness Specialist – Personal & Work Life Program
(940) 676-5111 /
Kyle Polencheck, Community Readiness Specialist – Employment/Volunteer Assistance Program
(940) 676-4134 /
Anna DuMont, Information & Referral/Relocation Technician
(940) 676-4358 /
Jeff Day, Relocation Technician
(940) 676-5115 /
MSgt Aron Stamper, Readiness NCO
(940) 676-0328 /
Sandy Abeyta, Casualty Assistance Program Manager
(940) 676-2984 /
Susan Raymond, Survivor Benefit Plan Counselor
(940) 676-4624 /
Africa Logan, Military & Family Life Counselor
(940) 304-7246
Gregg Anderson, Financial Military & Family Life Counselor
(940) 232-5803 /


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