82d Force Support Squadron • Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, Texas


Manpower Office

Manpower is the commander's “honest resource  broker” with an in-depth knowledge of applying effective performance and efficient use of resources. We see our community continuing its roles in productivity and IDEA programs, while taking the lead as the facilitator on functional process improvement and quality issues.  While the functional communities will own the processes, we need to help them analyze and enhance the way they do business.



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AETC Manpower



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Bldg. 402, Room 202

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday:
7am - 4:45pm

James Getchell,
Chief, Manpower



Tech Training

Mr. Pindell – 676-7198

Mrs. Hernandez – 676-0259

Base Operations

Mr. Roberts – 676-4332

TSgt Russum – 676-7198

TSgt Barnes – 676-4937

Ms. Sibayan – 676-6708