82d Force Support Squadron • Sheppard Air Force Base, Wichita Falls, Texas


Manpower & Personnel

Provides appropriated and non-appropriated funds civilian/military personnel advice and support to commanders, supervisors, employees, and applicants at Sheppard AFB. Manages civilian and military workforce through affirmative employment, labor and employee relations, classification, employee development, and resource management programs.  In addition, manages employee development programs for military personnel support to commanders, military members, and their families. Provides manpower management services and evaluations, management advisory services, and wartime manpower support. Manages wing level productivity and suggestion programs and base manpower data system.



Human Resource Office

Manpower Office

Military Personnel Office

Civillian Personnel Office


airman family retirees civilians

Bldg. 402
426 5th Ave., Ste. 5
Sheppard AFB, TX 76311

Hours of Operation:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday:
9am - 4pm
9am - 6pm

Doug Bogenrief,
Chief, Manpower & Personnel