Mortuary Affairs

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 7am - 4pm
Holidays & Family Days: Closed

Let us support you.

The Sheppard AFB Mortuary Affairs office honors fallen Airmen and their Dependents on Sheppard AFB and North Texas. We are available to brief families on mortuary entitlements, assist with funeral arrangements, family transportation costs to internment location, and/or memorial service. We also coordinate all arrangements selected with all organizations providing support to the Family of the Fallen.

Mortuary Affairs is Available
24hrs - 7 days a week

What is our Mission?


Fulfilling our nation’s sacred commitment of ensuring Dignity, Honor, and Respect to our fallen and Care, Service, and Support to their families. Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations strives to be the benchmark by which all DoD Mortuary Affairs programs and mortuary procedures are measured. Dignity, Honor, Respect; Care, Service, Support

How do we help:

The Department of Defense mortuary affairs and casualty program addresses the need to "take care of its own."

Mortuary affairs and the casualty assistance office, in the 82nd Force Support Squadron at Sheppard Air Force Base, work with families after the death of a loved one to give them the best support possible.

Requesting Services

Within 24 hours of notification, a briefing is scheduled to inform the family on their funeral options as well as final pay and benefits. The family also is assigned a liaison officer, who consistently speaks with the family and checks in on them throughout the process.



Families have many options within the program. They can take care of their loved ones' final arrangements themselves. Or they can have the Air Force handle all the arrangements for them. Or they can choose a combination of the two.

These options range from the choice of a specific casket or urn, where the service will be held, what the individual will be dressed in for burial -- service-dress uniform or other uniforms or clothes, the place of burial -- national cemetery or another cemetery the family wants. Also, the Department of Veterans Affairs provides a standard headstone.

Casualty / Survivor

Benefit Program (SBP)

As the Sheppard AFB Casualty Assistance Representative, we provide comprehensive casualty assistance to both retired and active duty family members in the event of a service member’s death. This assistance includes filing for benefits and entitlements from the service member’s branch of service, governmental agencies, non-governmental agencies, and the Department of Veteran Affairs. For more information, please contact Sandy Abeyta at (940) 676-2984 or